Rebecca Muszynski is a Chicago-based teacher, actor and creator




Teacher - Actor - Creator

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About Me

I am happy to announce that I just got married! I am soon beginning the name change process, so please don't be alarmed if you see something that says Rebecca M. Gergely. That's still me!

I believe that theatre teaches collaboration. It is not judgmental or discriminatory and proves that no one person’s role is more important than the other. There are few other educational subjects that preserve the human experience in this way. This only further reinforces my career goals: to learn from past experiences, apply my knowledge to the present, and create a better future through my art. My mission is to challenge myself to be a leader in communication, collaboration, and education, on and off the stage. 




I look forward to hearing from you!

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Commedia 2017

Commedia dell'arte performance part of In Translation - 2017 Photo courtesy of John Hawthorne & Pig Iron Theatre