Rebecca Muszynski is a Chicago-based teacher, actor and creator

I Saw it Upon Further Inspection


Within her research and workshop laboratories, Rebecca decided to pursue mime and physical performance coupled with a thick, atmospheric audio score to transport audiences to another world. This fast-paced adventure story followed five friends, each bringing to life a different archetype. The audience is dropped into the performance as it opens with them falling from a cliff.

Photos by Lindsay Browning Courtesy of Pig Iron/UArts

"Right now I'm really on about tip-toeing the line between creepy and scary, but not crossing that line...kind of staying in the realm of creepy while still having fun; a playful adventure. I'm also on about the squad mentality and archetypes of characters, specifically referencing The Goonies and Stranger Things, and even The Breakfast Club, and Sandlot. So, a little bit of retro rewind, groups of friends, going on an adventure, finding something hidden and maybe paranormal..."


- Rebecca Muszynski in an interview during the first week of Dares rehearsal.

Photo by John Hawthorne